Our Story

SignIn has been established with the desire to support businesses in returning to trading amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. This unprecedented situation poses various challenges for businesses

specifically around collecting contact-tracing details and being accountable to health obligations. 

Our Vision

SignIn provides businesses with efficient, cost-effective and innovative technology solutions, safeguarding businesses to ensure that staff (and future customers) adhere to health practices. This will aid contact-tracing efforts and keep New Zealand working and healthy.

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SignIn harnesses cloud-based software to provide an effective solution for businesses to seamlessly and securely collect health declarations to safeguard liability and ensure safe health practices. This data will allow businesses to track when and which staff members enter/exit the building, aiding with contact-tracing. 


How it works

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Your business will be given a unique code which you may display at the entrance to your premise. Staff (and future customers) will then use their smartphone device to scan this code and fill out a customised online form. These details will be securely stored in an easily accessible cloud-based spreadsheet and include a timestamp for each entry. This will enhance contact-tracing and keep New Zealand healthy while working!


We will also provide you with custom-made infographic posters that can be used to inform staff/customers of the new SignIn procedure in a clear and simple way.  

SignIn provides you with the assurance that anyone who enters your workplace has declared themselves healthy and you have asked the right questions to ensure the safety of other staff and customers. 


As soon as staff/customers input their information, it is immediately uploaded to a secure data sheet for your business to access. This data sheet will contain a timestamp of when customers were in the store along with all of their details for you to provide to the Ministry of Health, if required. 

The information will be held securely and collected in accordance with your legal privacy obligations. 


Get your business COVID-safe.

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